Frequently Asked Questions

What are you offering?

We are offering an opportunity to invest into US Multi-Family Real Estate. Multi-Family is the strongest performing US real estate sector over the last 25 years. It is an alternative to other US Commerical Real Estate investments, Equities and Bond markets with attractive returns.

How do you evaluate these investments?

We closely work with third-party firms for in-depth market research, highest and best use analysis and extensive financial, physical and legal due diligence that drive value in real estate decisions.

How do you source these investments?

Our extensive alliance of JV partners, financial institutions and brokers empower us to source, structure & acquire compelling investment opportunities across SE & SW markets with strong economic, employment and property growth, coupled with strong apartment rental demand in low taxing states.

What is your track record?

We have established a proven track record of generating superior returns while never having lost investment capital. Our historical returns are 20%+ IRR.

How are you able to provide such high returns?

We buy right, add significant value through asset management and sell opportunistically to maximize the return. We provide attractive high yielding returns in markets underpinned by strong demographic and positive economic trends by seeking out exceptionally located properties where we can quickly and substantially increase both cash flow and equity.

We provide consistent and growing distributions coupled with high transparency and opportunity for capital appreciation supported by positive long-term fundamentals. Together with our advisory board partners, we bring a mix of knowledge and experience for a higher rate of return and success.

What is your investment strategy?

Our investment strategy is to acquire new construction multi-family assets which are going through lease-up in top performing markets and add value with high quality amenities to increase occupancy and rents.

We invest in high income, population and job growth markets in Southeast and Southwest US. Below is our market selection criteria

  • Market Focus : Top 15 markets in SE and SW US with knowledge based economies, which are experiencing demographic tailwinds.
  • Sub Market Focus : First ring, second ring or third ring suburban areas.
  • Micro Market Focus : Locations which are irreplaceable and which are highly desirable to live.

Below is our market selection criteria

  • Asset Type : New Construction, multi-family assets which are in lease-up.
  • Asset Size : 250+ units for economies of scale.
  • Asset Location : Mixed-Use projects which offer live, work, play and eat lifestyle.

What are the risks involved in multi-family investments?

Below is a list of risks involved in investing in multi-family and real-state in general

  • General Market Risk : Real estate markets can go up or down and are tied to the economy, interest rates, inflation or other market trends. We try to minimise all these risks by ensuring by choosing high growth areas for our assets.
  • Asset Level Risk : Some risks shared by every investment in an asset class. While multi-family is considered low risk, there is always the danger that the whole real estate market declines.
  • Specific Asset Risk : Location, construction, environmental and new property built close by are all risks which could affect property values and rental streams. We minimise all these risks with location due diligence.
  • Liquidity Risk : Real estate market is not a liquid market like equity or bonds. If an investor wants a property to be sold then this takes time. We pick locations taking depth of the market into consideration.
  • Credit / Tenant Risk : Risk of tenants not paying on time or not finding enough tenants for the property. We pick the location with population growth and rental growth.
  • Replacement Cost Risk : New properties could be constructed closeby which makes current property less attractive in pricing and tenant attractiveness. We only hold properties for 3-5 years.
  • Financial Structure Risk : Equity investors as LP need to understand their risk reward in the JV with the GP including leverage risk. We ensure that we always have “skin in the game” and leverage does not exceed 75%.
  • Company Risk : Ensuring that choosing an experienced company involved in the Multi-Family sector is of paramount importance. TTI principals have over 50 years combined experience in this sector.

How do you mitigate risks in multi-family investments?

We have a comprehensive risk management strategy which includes, company level, investment level and market level risk mitigation

Company Level Risk Management

  • We hire talented, experienced and dedicated personnel led by management with over 50 years experience.
  • We have full operational control of each investment on a day to day basis
  • Detailed financial control, pre-analysis of any potential investment, monitoring and audit procedures; robust insurance coverage.
  • We establish and follow clear management policies and procedures.

Investment Level Risk Management

  • We go through rigorous underwriting of market and asset, assessing probability outcomes and impact of risks.
  • Prudent utilization of leverage and ensuring best pricing on debt
  • Annual hold/sell analysis.
  • Conservative cash management and provision of reserves.
  • Minimize administrative costs utilizing available technology for real-time monitoring.
  • Legal documentation and entity level structuring to ensure any under-performing investments are monitored closely.

Market Level Risk Management

  • Thorough assessment of market and asset and any potential risk factors.
  • Close monitoring of geography, industry sector and value-add risk
  • Ensuring best pricing on debt and monitoring of lending market developments.
  • Steady growth strategy and understanding of market evolvement.
  • Proper cash management and provision of reserves and contingencies to address any unforeseen market movements.

Are these investments approved by SEC?

All our investments are private investments and they do not need SEC approval, we notify SEC on all our private placement offerings. Our investments are only available for accredited investors based in US.

What are your ESG policies?

We have a robust ESG framework that we apply to all our investments, below are the details

Environmentally Conscious Investing

  • We focus on investment in mixed use highly amenitized neighborhoods and communities.
  • We choose development sites that can accommodate energy and/or environmentally efficient construction or refurbishment.
  • We choose urban locations close to public transportation, services and amenities to aid density and jobs.
  • We deliver enhanced performance via benchmarking energy, water and waste with operational best practices.

Socially Responsible Investing

  • We employ equal employment and equality of opportunity via a fair and diverse employment process.
  • Our employee benefits including healthcare & dental care plans and generous maternity/paternity & family leave policies.
  • We follow inclusive and equitable contractor practice.
  • Responsibility to our investors is paramount to us.
  • We follow enhanced building standards and tenant safety property improvements because they are of the utmost importance to us.

Strong Corporate Governance

  • We manage risk and meet investor objectives through integrity, transparency and strong independent oversight.
  • We have robust performance incentives distributed across the firm
  • We have and advisory broad sharing of authority and economics

More questions?

Please email us at and one of our investors advisors will reach out to you.

How do I get started?

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