Add Income and Appreciation to your Investment Portfolios through Ownership in Multi-Family Assets

Invest in high quality, high return Multi-Family assets


We have developed an extensive network of joint venture partners, financial institutions, brokers, property managers and other professionals. Our network allows us to source, structure & acquire compelling investment opportunities.


We work closely with third-party firms for in-depth market research, highest and best use analysis and extensive financial, physical and legal due diligence that drive value in real estate decisions.

WE Love multi-family

We leverage our network to source best in class income producing value add investments across emerging markets in US.  We buy right, add value through active asset management and then sell opportunistically to maximize your return.



Our business is making profitable multi-family investments available to qualified investors through transparent, single asset owned limited liability corporations so investors know precisely what they own and the health of the market and financial performance of their own property from acquisition to disposition.



A Multi-family development is an apartment complex, condominium or townhome community that provides rental housing for individuals and families. We target multi-family developments with 150+ unit that make middle-income residents.

The individuals and families who make up the largest segment of the rental market. Our ideal investment is located in an area with positive economic and demographic trends, including growing population and job opportunities.

Multi-Family properties are less expensive to build, maintain and professionally manage than individual rental properties., marketing, security and maintenance costs tend to be lower per unit, by maintaining high occupancy rates, multi-family units offer the ability to cash flow across business/economic cycles.



Multi-Family outperforms other commercial real-estate asset classes such as office, retail and industrial in economic downturns when demand typically decreases.

The management intensive nature of multi-family projects provides opportunities to increase values across economic climates.

We target multi-family developments in desirable economic areas, they appreciate in value in response to market demand.

We acquire properties which have an opportunity to add value via improvements that will in turn increase occupancy and rents forcing property appreciation.



We take advantage of the opportunities offered by the multi-family housing units by enabling investors to purchase ownership of specific apartment complexes in areas with growing demand for housing.

We Identify desirable acquisitions by working with a team of industry professionals in our target market areas.

We Perform pre-purchase due diligence including contracting for professional property inspections, income and expense analysis and identify opportunities to increase net operating income by increasing rents and optimizing expenses.

We Negotiate acquisition financing including mortgage loans and equity financing from qualified investors.

We Create a single asset LLC to acquire the property and manage the project through the closing.

We Hire professional management services to manage, maintain, and market the property and identify opportunities to optimize rental income and cash flows to the investors.



Single-asset multi-family LLCs give investors the opportunity to acquire ownership in specific properties with an established disposition time-frame, providing planned liquidity. Through reports from managing member, performance of the investment can be tracked from inception through disposition.

The LLC structure also provides limited liability protection, pass-thru tax treatment of profits and losses, and ability to transfer property in and out of an LLC with minimum tax consequences.

We provide investors with a due diligence period to review the property, its financials including monthly cash flows and the planned disposition period, at which investors could anticipate the return of their principal and long-term gains.

Once the property is acquired and structured as an LLC, investors have access to monthly distributions and updates to the property financial reports, showing income and expenses and the financial status of the property.


about us

TTI Capital has over 50 years of experience in real estate investing, apartment ownership, architecture and building renovation. This rare combination of hands-on building experience and real estate savvy enables us to accurately assess a prospective real estate investment.

TTI Capital has successfully repositioned, renovated thousands of units, We incorporate the type of improvements will bring the greatest return on an investment.

We identify exceptionally located properties from distressed sellers and formulate a renovation and management plan that quickly and substantially increases both cash flow and equity.

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